Feb. 16, 2016

I smoke too many cigarettes
but it is my healthiest vice
because it’s the only one that
won’t kill me in the next couple of nights
I hate my body so I don’t eat
and when I do, most of the time
it comes back up and out
I hate my mind so I drink
because it blurs my thoughts
into incoherent voices in my head
I hate my life so I stay in my
room, locked away and sleep
until I can’t handle the restlessness
and I get up again
and smoke too many cigarettes

Feb. 23, 2016

The dead linger
and the living falter
as the world starts to dwindle
and he who is father brings hope from the alter
sending mind-controlling messages disguised
as blessings knowing people will follow
one starts to notice
the young feeling claustrophobic
because the preachers words like atomic bombs
are explosive
and we who are sheep line up to be
because its hard to know better
when were up to our necks in water

The youths demoralization
in the younger generation
is becoming degrading
with no way to say it
the world’s population
is growing insanely
who’s who to lose
to drown oneself with booze
think there’s control
when really they’re dead
in a hell hole called home
I can hear it in their tone
that they resent the world’s gold
becoming greedy and angry
with all the self hating

I walk aimlessly
In and out of catastrophe
Cause I’m sick and tired
Of brainwashing blasphemy
Stuck behind gilded lies
Passed down from ancestors
Who are perceived to be masters
But there ideas are incestuous
From century to century
Only to become demented
And mangled twisted and ugly
No way to fix it
We all become mindless
Forgetting issues that bind us
We start to unravel
And past histories taunt us
Like the devil on my shoulder
Whose telling me nonsense
So monstrous and dumbfounded
That my praying is useless
Due to past life misuses

No Title

I sleep out
I creep out
My miracle conscious
To despise all concept
Of beauty and nonsense
To demoralize the warriors
In this day and age of boredom
To seek out the morals
Of saints living in deep sea corals
Shout out to the demons
Living in friends of a friend
Where evil derives from
Killing angels of God
The heavens crash down
To the ground from above all
The whole world starts with a brawl
The good lose
With no where to crawl
Diminishing the innocence
From what was left of corruption
the churches will burn down
with a dark void
Considered to be God’s absence
And make you wonder if there was one to start with.

Living A Lie

I’m living a lie.
In a world full of darkness
killing me inside from the inside
Walking out into blindness
Mind your own business
And feed off your own shit
And leave me to my own shit
you bottom feeder dipshit
Its my own life worth ruining
And I’ll do what I have to
to bring you down with me.

The Circle of Life of Getting Fucked Up

Here is a poem I wrote sometime in 2010 (I know, that was a long time ago). I figured I should probably start sharing the things I write because whats the point in writing anything if you share it with nobody. Even if nobody reads this, at least it out there. More to come soon. Enjoy.

Pick up a drink
Pick up a light
Pick up a blunt
Put down the Light
Still holding the drink
Put down the blunt
Pick up the light
Pick up a pipe
Pick up a blunt
Put down the pipe
Pick up a needle
Put down the light
The blunts not enough
The needles too much
Beers in the middle
Its leaves the Perfect touch
It’s the circle of life of getting fucked up

Pick up a mirror
Pick up a straw
Crushed up the white shit
With an old i.d. card
This goes on about a month
Maybe two
Throw it away
Go back to the Brew
Vodka, Whiskey
Tequila, and Gin
Don’t have a favorite
They all make me grin
Smile on the outside
Pain on the inside
My bodies a pharmacy
I have what you like
Pills like oxy and e
I also have a load of THC
But the one I have
It’s always on stock
It’s called alcohol
It will bring you straight to the rocks
Come take a swim
In the devils fountain
It will make you feel as high as a mountain
It’s the circle of life of getting fucked up

The burning sensation
A dizzy motion
Stuttering around
Causing a commotion
Making you do things
You would not normally do
Like being a bitch
When you don’t have a clue
It could affect other in a much worse way
I’m warning you now
Before it’s too late
After some people dive
They come straight back up
But for others
It’s just a little more tough
They dive deeper and deeper
And sometimes it’s to late
It’s the circle of life of getting fucked up

But before you dive
You should think twice
‘Is this what I want’
And hopefully think not
It’s not worth the risk
The pain
And the tears
The losing of friends
Family and peers
Put down the drink
Get back on track
Go on with your life
Free and sober at last
You won’t thank me enough
It’s the circle of life of sobering up