A Day in the Life of Ed

Feb. 25, 2014

As I sat there
it felt as though all the oxygen
in the room leaked out
I couldn’t breathe
My hands started to sweat
and no matter how much I
wiped them on my jeans
they just wouldn’t dry
Right then and there
an unspeakable force began
to push on my chest
Tears flow down
Staining my shirt wet
I begin to become
claustrophobic sitting in the
wide open living room
that is big enough to fit
30 people
My bodies expanding
The walls are enclosing
I think I’m dying
dear god
am I dying
or am I just imagining
I try to stand
I’m stunned by a bright
then overcome by blackness
I come to
but now on all fours
convulsing and shaking
My minds gone blank
I am dying
but just painfully show
So god help me
speed up the show

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