I feel like a piece of meat
to your friends am I just some feat
I feel so used and abused
to just be fucked and left on
the side of the road
to be told
“I’m picking her over you
because, well you know
she’s drunk and down to fuck”
I begged you to take me home
and come to think of it
it seems pretty pathetic
that I would so easily give up my morals
to some guy I thought I trusted
You told me from the start you
tend to break hearts
but for some reason I thought I would be
How naïve of me
to think I’m some special being
But here is some words of advice
when you fuck around
you get fucked up and down
and I hope you fuck yourself out of the town

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  1. a public execution for the dummy self to allow the real self to live unattached

    blood drained in the smallest, least friendly series of transactions possible.

    life like trying to pick flowers with broken hands for someone you really like

  2. – This review is from: Absorbing and beautifully written, with a great biboalgriphy to lead you on in your travels through this fascinating genre. Blom does for the general subject of collecting what Basbanes did for bibliophilia in A Gentle Madness. Well worth the read.

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