I once dated a man who said
“you’re too smart for me”
and I said “read between the lines
if you know what that means”
Am I suppose to dumb myself down
cause 2+2 is 6 right?
and he would look in my eye
and reply “hey, at least you’re pretty”
so pretty much I’m just this
fuckable object who prances around
brushing my blonde hair
looking in every mirror
fingering my eyes
till I find the prefect disguise
cause I’m told when I don’t
wear make-up I tend to
look like a sick cancer patient
I’ve been told to sit up straight
to cross my legs
dress conservative
and to act like it’s all okay
and when I have sex with a man
it’s all about whether or not their pleased
and when I have sex with more than one
in a month I’m considered to be this huge slut
despite that I have similar needs.

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